Going to India!!


It is time to boast about our future month 😉 We are going to India! We will be in Mumbai, than going to Palolem in Goa and than will exploring Tamil Nadu District.

Maybe we will visit an Meenakshi Ashram in Madurai but it depends if we will have enough time. I would like to stay there bacues you can practice yoga in this ashram. But also you have to be a part of ashram life so have to wake up at 5 a.m., and help in ashram. I think it could be a fantastic feeling of being a poart of something more than only your life.

Soooo! We are very excited but also a little bit scared because this will be our first trip to Asia. And we don’t have husbands who can defend us against whole world 😉 But we have each other so I hope everything go right 🙂

We are prepared. Look at that 😀



We have two cups, two head flashlights (it will be a funny view 😉 ), little heater to heat the water on the Doha airport where we will be nomadize for 24 hours, water disinfaction tabs, ear plugs (if somone will be snoring in the plane ;)), thermal blanket. And as I know myself I will forget a toothbrush 😉

Keep the fingers crossed! 🙂


Eat properly!

My better life won’t be better if I won’t eat properly. For me it means organic products, don’t go to mc donald’s ( or maybe not very often;-)) and prepare food on my own.
I like to cook. It chills me. When I’m focus on preparing I feel like on holidays:-).
I often listening relaxing music and just smiling to myself. Doing everything veeeery slowly. But. That’s the point.
So for today’s supper will be q healthy salad. I prepare it from mix of salads: rukola, cykoria radicchio, frisee, escarola and zuckerhut ( I really don’t know if these are proper names in English, sorry). I add there tomatoes, eggs, sunflower seeds, dried tomatoes and cappares ( don’t know English name, in Polish it is kapary).
But the secret is the sauce for the salad. Just mix oil from dried tomatoes ( it is with herbs), linen oil ( I love its walnutish smell) and little bit of honey.

My girlfriend loves this salad. Our guests love it. Everyone. And it is sooo healthy! Oh! I forgot: I love it too:-)

We eat it with good, dark bread with pate.
Pate is made from cottage cheese, linen oil, pesto ( green one) and basil ( fresh from our window).

And it looks like that.


I just have to mix it. Mmmm. Jummy and healthy. Try it:-)

mindfulness works!

After lazy weekend I came to work this moring and first informations which my emplyees gave me was: “Somebody stole a computer from the office”. “Oh my god”-I thought. What should I do now. I felt angry, I felt dissapointed, even a little bit dizzy. But! After 10 minutes of listening and depressing I dicided to do THAT!


I just thought “Don’t be angry. It is just a thought. Will you do something with it if you will be angry? No! It won’t change anything. Focus on the anger and…chill out.”.

I’ve focus on my stomach where the anger was. About one minute.

And you know what? My anger passed. Just gone away. Brilliant feelling. So the mindfullness works!


I get a wonderful gift for Christmas. My girlfriend gave me a invitation for a mindfulness workshops. Do you know mindfulness?

See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nwwKbM_vJc

Mindfulness for me is mostly like yoga but it’s focusing on how to be observant.

Do you have a lot of thoughts in every minute of your life? I do. Even if I’m trying to relax my mind is full of thoughts so I can’t completly chill myself. Some of this thought are stressfull, some are terrifying, some are full of anger, some are just planning, some trying to remind something from the past. But they still are. My girlfriend says that “man can not to think” I disagreed with this but…

I started to try. I read a book of Eckhart Tolle. Do you know him? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdgO4UDrwm8

Great guy. He was just an ordinary man and one day, in 29, he dicided to change his life. Started to dive into himself and now he is sooo calm that when I’m watching films with him I even think that maybe sometimes he is too calm 😉 Joking. I would like to be in 1% so concious as he is.

So I read that book. I started to watch films with him, even taking a bath I was going to the bathroom with my mobile and trying to focus on his words 🙂

Something snapped in me. Changed inside me. I was REALLY able to focus. I was focusing on eating, on food, on my hands when I was going to work. Focusing on clocks ticking.

So Eckhart is good for the start. No. Wrong. He was good for the start for me. Maybe for you he is good for all your life. But for me it was not enough. I was able to be focus but only for a moment. But stress comes in other moments.

So I’m searching for something more. For something which focus me for hole day. Something which will make me chilled for all day. In every situation. So I started to practice yoga. But abut that, next time… 🙂

My first post. My cigarettes. This is not so easy. If someone will tell you that you only need to have strong will to quit smoking – don’t believe him! I was trying everything. I was gluing patches with nicotine, I was eating pills from my doctor, I was jogging, I was drinking a lot of water and eat apples. And what?

Now I’m trying to quit smoking about forth year and I’m still doing this! If I’am in a good mood, everything is fine, sun is shining and only good and smiled people are on my way – I’m not smoking.

BUT when I’m stressed, ater arguing with someone or when I’m drinking alkohol (I’m not drinking much) I can’t. Just can’t. My brain is programmed: “Take it. You can smoke only one. It’s not sooooo bad! You will quit smoking tommorow. Smell it. Do you feel it? Smell it. This is sooo wonderful.” Like Gollum in my mind. Like big, green monster. So what can I do than? I just smoke. And next day I’m sooo angry about it. Angry about myself. And the same thing over and over again. My god!

And now I’m tired. Everything stinks in my wordrobe. I know that but I’m doing it.

So I’m searching some good advices. What did you do?

I even read a book about smoking. My friends keeped saying me: “Read it woman! You will see! EVERYONE is quiting cigarettes after that!”. So I read. I didn’t quit. My god….

And now I’m serching some other way. First I’ve done a poster. It hangs over my bed so every morning when I wake up I see that. It says:

“I don’t smoke because:

– I stink,

– I’ve got headaches,

– I’ve got stomachache,

– I’m sleepy,

– I don’t have strength to work,

– I can’t work,

-I get angry after cigarettes,

– I have dry mouth,

– I’m wasting my life, (Yes, yes! I was so radical),

– I’ve got skin problems.”

I even draw a sign. Hehehe.

quit smoking

quit smoking

And now it’s better but I don’t know how long will I deal with it. I’ve got deal with myself.

keep your fingers crossed and tell me what you do?