My first post. My cigarettes. This is not so easy. If someone will tell you that you only need to have strong will to quit smoking – don’t believe him! I was trying everything. I was gluing patches with nicotine, I was eating pills from my doctor, I was jogging, I was drinking a lot of water and eat apples. And what?

Now I’m trying to quit smoking about forth year and I’m still doing this! If I’am in a good mood, everything is fine, sun is shining and only good and smiled people are on my way – I’m not smoking.

BUT when I’m stressed, ater arguing with someone or when I’m drinking alkohol (I’m not drinking much) I can’t. Just can’t. My brain is programmed: “Take it. You can smoke only one. It’s not sooooo bad! You will quit smoking tommorow. Smell it. Do you feel it? Smell it. This is sooo wonderful.” Like Gollum in my mind. Like big, green monster. So what can I do than? I just smoke. And next day I’m sooo angry about it. Angry about myself. And the same thing over and over again. My god!

And now I’m tired. Everything stinks in my wordrobe. I know that but I’m doing it.

So I’m searching some good advices. What did you do?

I even read a book about smoking. My friends keeped saying me: “Read it woman! You will see! EVERYONE is quiting cigarettes after that!”. So I read. I didn’t quit. My god….

And now I’m serching some other way. First I’ve done a poster. It hangs over my bed so every morning when I wake up I see that. It says:

“I don’t smoke because:

– I stink,

– I’ve got headaches,

– I’ve got stomachache,

– I’m sleepy,

– I don’t have strength to work,

– I can’t work,

-I get angry after cigarettes,

– I have dry mouth,

– I’m wasting my life, (Yes, yes! I was so radical),

– I’ve got skin problems.”

I even draw a sign. Hehehe.

quit smoking

quit smoking

And now it’s better but I don’t know how long will I deal with it. I’ve got deal with myself.

keep your fingers crossed and tell me what you do?


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