Eat properly!

My better life won’t be better if I won’t eat properly. For me it means organic products, don’t go to mc donald’s ( or maybe not very often;-)) and prepare food on my own.
I like to cook. It chills me. When I’m focus on preparing I feel like on holidays:-).
I often listening relaxing music and just smiling to myself. Doing everything veeeery slowly. But. That’s the point.
So for today’s supper will be q healthy salad. I prepare it from mix of salads: rukola, cykoria radicchio, frisee, escarola and zuckerhut ( I really don’t know if these are proper names in English, sorry). I add there tomatoes, eggs, sunflower seeds, dried tomatoes and cappares ( don’t know English name, in Polish it is kapary).
But the secret is the sauce for the salad. Just mix oil from dried tomatoes ( it is with herbs), linen oil ( I love its walnutish smell) and little bit of honey.

My girlfriend loves this salad. Our guests love it. Everyone. And it is sooo healthy! Oh! I forgot: I love it too:-)

We eat it with good, dark bread with pate.
Pate is made from cottage cheese, linen oil, pesto ( green one) and basil ( fresh from our window).

And it looks like that.


I just have to mix it. Mmmm. Jummy and healthy. Try it:-)